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Welcome to Auracle’s Colour Therapy…the “Colours of Unconditional Love”. Maybe you should look up and ask your angels why you have been guided here. There are no accidents, after all. If you are here because you are curious, that is good.

I am delighted to bring you into a beautiful realm of magick, and to be your personal guide on a mystical journey to help you interpret the messages of your soul through private 1-on-1 readings, treatments and by reading my book “Auracle’s Colour Therapy: The Power of Love Through Colour™”.

How Does Auracle’s Colour Therapy Work?

Do you remember the “Light Bright” set you use to play with as a child? Remember plugging in all the colors and watching the darkness light up into a beautiful design?

This is exactly what using Auracle’s Colours will do. When choosing your colors for a reading or for a color therapy treatment, they reveal the Blueprint of your soul. By using them they light up all the strands within your being that have gone dark allowing you to experience a life of light and Unconditional Love

Whether the issues affecting you are environmental, chemical or otherwise…most issues actually go back to a disturbance of the Heart. When the Heart is filled with pain, it drives us on very deep levels to do things, which betray our souls. If we do this over and over as we feel no Love for ourselves it leads to illness and dis-ease. As we are living vibrating frequencies of light, it is important we stay in harmony. 

Where are you in harmony and where are you in discord? Only the colors will reveal this as they are consciousness itself, the unspoken language of the soul. 

Auracle’s Colours were seen in visions almost a decade before their birth. They are truly the colors of Unconditional Love and are here to bring unity into the Hearts of all who use them. These Bottles were birthed through our need as humans to connect ourselves into Divine realms once again…to remember what was long lost to us many moons ago. Now is the time to re-awaken the beautiful and mystical Hearts with which we were born, to seek the wisdom from inside so we may continue gracefully on our paths without pain or fear. 

Auracle’s Colours are made with special powders from Mother Earth that have resulted in a spectrum of 22 beautiful and illuminating colors, as well as gem essences, blessed waters, oils, some which go back into the time of Christ, and energies of all Angels, Archangels, Masters and Ascended Masters from every culture as every journey is different and every soul has its own calling and perception. 

There are absolutely no chemicals in Auracle’s Colours to keep the integrity within these extremely high frequencies, allowing those who use them to shift and heal quickly. 

Remember, when the Heart is healed (energetically) there is no dis-ease. It is my wish that the Heart of mankind will heal and become “Whole” again. Through using Auracle’s Colour Therapy this becomes possible…and the Heart Of Gold within each of us will be birthed once more.

Love, Light and Sparkles to all!!!


Leslie Sloane

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